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Nonfinancial public sector debt represents the 38.9% of GDP

As of April 30th of 2018, the nonfinancial public sector (NFPS) external and domestic debt totaled US$30,428.4 million. This amount represents 38.9% of the estimated GDP1.

The 66.86% of the NFPS total debt corresponds to external debt, which presented a balance of US$20,345.2 million, while the remaining 33.14% corresponds to domestic debt, which totaled RD$497,273.37 million, equivalent to US$10,083.2 million, at the exchange rate of RD$/US$=49.3169. These amounts represent 26.0% and 12.9% of the estimated GDP, respectively. Of the total domestic debt, US$2,809.3 million (3.6% of GDP) is intragovernmental debt, indebtedness between governmental institutions, such as the bonds issued by the Central Government for the capitalization and recapitalization of the Central Bank.

For more details, see the Public Debt Statistics as of April 30th,2018

1/ Nominal GDP base 2007, consensus between BCRD, MH and MEPYD according to the latest framework revised as of March 20th 2018, RD$3,926,587.70 million, (US$78,266.30 million).